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Kennedy Yanko,"By means other than the known senses”

Contemporary sculptor Kennedy Yanko debuted "By means other than the known senses" at the 2022 edition of Unlimited, Art Basel’s curated section of monumental sculpture. She created her work in Spring 2022 at pre-reserved studio A.

Yanko had dedicated space and time in pre-reserved studio A, where she focused on building this large-scale sculpture, which stands nearly 6 meters tall. The suspended sculpture is composed of a rusty-apricot metal sourced from a local provider, and green paint skin.
To create this work, Yanko employed a crashing and breaking method, where Yanko utilized heavy machinery to reconfigure the metal until it arrived in its final state.

Yanko has received several awards and has completed several residencies. Her most recent residency, at the Rubell Museum in Miami, Florida, resulted in her exhibition “White, Passing”, which then debuted at the museum during Art Basel Miami Beach In 2021.

Yanko’s work can be found in private collections and museums around the world, including the Bunker Artspace (West Palm Beach), the Norton Museum (West Palm Beach), Espacio Tacuari (Buenos Aires), the Rubell Museum (Miami), and the Albertina Museum (Vienna).

"By means other than the known senses” was created for the ART BASEL’s UNLIMITED section in 2022. We're proud to have been part of this project and we hope to continue working with talented artists like Yanko in the future.

About Kennedy Yanko

Kennedy Yanko is a sculptor and installation artist known for her unique use of materials and exploration of how we see the world within and around us. Yanko studied at the San Francisco Art Institute before moving to NY to pursue her art career in 2009, and has since debuted solo exhibitions across the globe.

Yanko's work often addresses the conflict between human perception and societal expectations and encourages viewers to investigate realities outside of their conditioned understandings.

Artist - @kennedyyanko
Gallery - @vielmetter / Vielmetter LA
Show -  @Artbasel / Basel Unlimited 2022
Studio - PRE-RESERVED Studio A

Adidas NMD 

For the 2022 relaunch of the Adidas NMD_V3 , we were asked by The Athlete's Foot to re-imagine the iconic shoe,  elevating the Adidas brand status for TAF markets and increasing their brand awareness.

“By blending its past design with a futuristic twist, in other words, blending the old school with the new school, the shoe is suitable for any environment. It allows you to move through city streets, flexing, flaunting and fitting in with those around you. This modern icon aims to inspire self-expression and exploration of you and your crew. The vision behind the campaign was to show up, glow up, and move with the future on your feet and in the streets”. .
Client -  TAF x Adidas
Directors - @najimjansen & @bobsizoo ( @notaneyething )
Producers - @shaktajiri & Jesse Jans
DOP + Edit - @dnzl.dop ( @notaneyething )
1st AC -  @aristosiatrou / 2nd AC: @rolanddelderfield  
Music - @najimjansen & @shaktajiri
Gaffer - @juri_dewolf / Best Boy: @yannick_giraud & @gurrt_gwrt
Electricians - @pramesh.sewgobind & @cervezastallone

Photographer - @willemsizoo / Product photography: @daanzahradnik
Photography edit - @frederiquepinas

Models - @lucaopheij & @emileboskaljon
MUAH - @makeupart.by.m
Stylist - @long_terms
Set Design, Studio B - @im_clays


Soho House x PRE-RESERVED, Night At The Studio

A special night was organized together with Soho House Amsterdam, where we created a unique experience for a selected group of people who inspire us. Our co-shared values of working together with creatives and being a facilitator for ideas brought this collaboration to life. After a grand dinner at the PRE-RESERVED studio, various artists residing in the ArtHubs gave a peek into their current and completed projects. Aside from tours of our atelier spaces, Kennedy Yanko’s sculpture was exhibited in Studio A, Studio B showcased an audio-visual installation by Boris Acket.

The night also included a private boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam with Soho House Amsterdam as the final destination. Here, an afterparty was held for a bigger crowd with music provided by DJs such as Aiche.Fm, Patrik Mordi and Tida Kamara. Celebrating creatives and pioneers with familiar faces, good music and drinks.

Partner - @sohohouse / Soho House Amsterdam
Flyer design - @rezjiuls.fr
Concept, creative direction - PRE-RESERVED
Location - PRE-RESERVED studio A / B 

Air Max Day 2022

For the celebration of Air Max Day 2022, we were challenged by The Athlete's Foot X Nike to create a campaign without any physical shoes or samples available within a short time frame.

Our solution was to develop an all-3D campaign from product photos to re-imagine their iconic Air Max design. In the animated video clips and still images the fictional characters are styled with computer-generated Nike Apparel, ready for the MetaVerse.

The concept, creative direction and production was fully realized by PRE-RESERVED, the final result pays homage to the Air Max heritage and showcases its virtual future.

Client -  TAF x Nike
Animation - @thmnstu
Sound Design - @najimjansen
Creative Direction - PRE-RESERVED
Production - PRE-RESERVED

Where the impossible is made possible, Movie

We teamed up with visual artist @miloboot to immerse our audience into our world. Created entirely from scratch, the project resulted in a final file of 111GB, a consumption of 86 coffees, 36 days of rendering, 250 different 3D models and 11 software programs - Houdini, Maya, Davinci Resolve, Ableton and others.

The result is a short surrealist film showcasing PRE-RESERVED from our collective perspective — where the impossible is made possible through the power of imagination and co-creation.

Concept - @miloboot & @willemsizoo
Animation - @miloboot
Music - @najimjansen
Color grade - @dnzel.dop
Sound design - @dnzel.dop
Choreography - @jinkojoshu
Creative Direction - PRE-RESERVED

Iris Van Herpen x Aveda

One of our most memorable studio bookings is a fairytale-like movie clip showcasing the magical dress creations of Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen floating through space. Herpen is known for fusing technology with traditional haute couture craftsmanship. Directed by Jip Mus, a model was attached with an invisible wire to the ceiling of Studio B, allowing the model to dance mid-air and recreate a floating-like look. With the help of wind machines and additional B-roll footage of water bubbles, the end result resembles a mermaid-like creature beautifully falling into the depths of the ocean.

Director - @jipmus
Model/ dancer - @bettinajurak
Production - @galpinjane
1AD - @charlotte_woerlee
2AD - @laradcarter_
DOP - @cinemorphics
Gaffer - @jasperlefevre
Hair - @antoinettebeenders
Makeup - @connie_man_
Rigging - Jeroen from Rigging Amsterdam
Atelier team - @chibuom
Catering - @lottevalk

Location: PRE-RESERVED Studio B

The Nieuw-Kijkduin Beach Town Project

At the beginning of 2021, we partnered with architect and artist Toon Rooijmans to explore and develop a proposal for a newly constructed beach town located on the coastal side of The Netherlands.

Our collaboration with Rooijmans on the Beach Town project began when we shared our ideas about the potential of (digital) art with the project developer responsible for Development. Together, we created a plan that incorporates art and nature into the town's design.

One of the key elements of the project is the use of digital art installations in shopping streets, passages, and other locations throughout the town.

These installations not only improve the town's appearance but also offer practical benefits such as attracting visitors and controlling crowd movements in public areas, we believe the concepts for the town are both attractive and functional, as well as commercially viable.

Both we and the project developer hope that this project will encourage other developers to consider the potential of (digital) art as a tool in urban design.

Concept - @toon.rooijmans & @willemsizoo
Creative Technology direction - @toon.rooijmans
Commercial direction - @willemsizoo

DESEDE TERRAZZA, From Amsterdam to Paris

In March 2022, @prereserved collaborated on a photo shoot with Parisian photographer @adrelanine and brought the iconic @de_sede_official couch to the streets of Paris. The DS-1025 model is a design from 1974 by Ubald Klug and has become a true classic with unprecedented fame within and outside the design world. The design has been a recognizable piece for people in Amsterdam and is often seen on socials of people visiting the studio.

The idea of this project was to connect the dots with the city of Paris which functions as an inspiration hub for us and many others.

Photography - @adrelanine
Production - @frederiquepinas
Creative Direction - PRE-RESERVED

Meta x  PRE-RESERVED, Fashion AR for DIOR

Through an exploration of augmented reality (AR), we were challenged to come up with a concept for a “digital” runway show for Facebook’s client DIOR in 2020. Limited by Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing regulations, most fashion shows were streamed online without any public audiences.

AR offered the possibility to showcase garments and concepts in an innovative way by integrating AR filters within the Instagram app as an extension to streamed shows. The runway is brought straight to people’s homes through their devices.

Client - META, Spark AR
Research - @willemsizoo
Creative Direction - PRE-RESERVED

Studio C

Studio C is the newest addition to the PRE-RESERVED family of studios, located in the heart of Amsterdam-North, next to the NDSM ferry. This temporary 770m2 space provides a dynamic and versatile environment for individuals and brands from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines to come together and create, collaborate, and be inspired.

With this added space, PRE-RESERVED is excited to explore even more possibilities for collaboration with the people who inspire and motivate us. Studio C provides endless opportunities for artists and brands to showcase their creativity and innovation.

With our existing studios, A and B, having hosted a diverse range of projects and collaborations with major international brands and artists, we can't wait to see the incredible ideas and ventures that will come to life in Studio C.

Our concept at Studio C is not only about providing a creative space for the community, it's also about contributing to the placemaking of the newly built area. By bringing our concept to the heart of Amsterdam-North , we are contributing to the experience for the neighborhood and its  residents.

Client - BouwInvest
Creative Direction - PRE-RESERVED
Realisation - PRE-RESERVED
Interior Photography - Jonathan de Waart


Through an exploration of augmented reality (AR), we were challenged to explore possibilities AR could offer to the art world - including leading museums, galleries and artists. Limited by Covid-19 in 2020, which resulted in museums having to close and artists to self-isolate, AR was a solution to nevertheless showcase art to the public in an interactive and accessible way.

AR has the potential to unlock new forms of storytelling, self-expression, and education.

Client - META, Spark AR
Research - @willemsizoo
Creative Direction - PRE-RESERVED


The collaboration with Parisian company PABLO T-SHIRT FACTORY (PTSF) & Dutch architect Toon Rooijmans further showcases our drive to envision ideas limitlessly. The vision was to create a garment printed on the inside of old vintage T-Shirts and the artwork on the back side showcases Studio A, designed by our good friend Roojmans.

We as @prereserved stand for making the impossible possible through imagination and co-creation, doing projects online & offline with friends, family and brands.

This approach to envisioning ideas limitless is further expressed in our latest project in collaboration with Parisian company PABLO T-SHIRT FACTORY (PTSF)  & Dutch architect @toon.rooijman. 
The artwork by Roojmans showcases one of our studios.

The message behind the project is to encourage creatives to work together collaboratively, and learn from each other’s expertise. Anyone can start a project, it’s all about enjoying the creative process. Similarily, the mission of PTSF is to connect creatives and support them bringing ideas to life.

All garments are vintage tees sourced by PTSF and screen-printed at their factory in Paris. 

Animation - @thmnstu
Music - @najimjansen
Graphic - @toon.rooijmans
Type design - @valentinoangela
Factory - @pablotshirtfactory

Quatro Vision x PRE-RESERVED

For this project PRE-RESERVED provided their creative direction, production and photography services to the independent management and entertainment label Quatro Vision. The Dutch rapper Henkie T founded the record label with great success, generating more than 90 Million views on their official YouTube.

The collaboration involved a series of shoots for various media channels over one year such as the cover for the “WCFN” album Vol. 1. It was shot in the oldest historical library in the Netherlands and featured the rap artists Yssi SB, MeoKidd, Elliven, JPAID alongside the label founder. Additional press kit photography where made. Later on the music video “Hoody” was produced in one of the PRE-RESERVED studios.

Client - @quatrovision // Quatro Vision
Concept - @willemsizoo & @milki.fr
Photography - @willemsizoo
Production - PRE-RESERVED & Aiche